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Author(s): Alexis MA, Rumpel C, Knicker H, Leifeld J, Rasse D, Pechot N, Bardoux G, Mariotti A
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Author(s): Dick DP, Martinazzo R, Knicker H, Almeida PSG
Organic matter in four Brazilian soil types: chemical composition and atrazine sorption
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Soil type-dependent responses to phenanthrene as revealed by determining the diversity and abundance of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon ring-hydroxylating dioxygenase genes by using a novel PCR detection system
Source: Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76 (14): 4765 - 4771


Author(s): Eder E, Spielvogel S, Kölbl A, Albert G, Kögel-Knabner I
Analysis of hydrolysable neutral sugars in mineral soils: Improvement of alditol acetylation for gas chromatographic separation and measurement
Source: Organic Geochemistry 41 (6): 580-585


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Initial pedogenesis in a topsoil crust 3 years after construction of an artificial catchment in Brandenburg, NE Germany
Source: Biogeochemistry 101 (1-3): 165-176


Author(s): von Lützow M, Kögel-Knabner I
Response to the Concept paper: 'What is recalcitrant soil organic matter?' by Markus Kleber
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Source: Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76 (6):1831-1841


Author(s): Prietzel J
Schutzwälder der Nördlichen Kalkalpen: Verjüngung, Mikroklima, Schneedecke und Schalenwild
Source: Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Forstwesen 161, 11-22


Author(s): Prietzel J, Stetter U
Long-term trends of phosphorus nutrition and topsoil phosphorus stocks in unfertilized and fertilized Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) stands at two sites in Southern Germany
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Author(s): Prietzel J, Thieme J, Paterson D
Phosphorus speciation of forest-soil organic surface layers using P K-edge XANES spectroscopy
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Author(s): Prietzel J, Thieme J, Salome M
Assessment of sulfur and iron speciation in a soil aggregate by combined S and Fe micro-XANES: microspatial patterns and relationships
Source: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 17166-172


Author(s): Rumpel C, Eusterhues K, Kögel-Knabner I
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Source: Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 42 (2): 379-382 FEB


Author(s): Spielvogel S, Prietzel J, Kögel-Knabner I
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Author(s): Steffens M, Kölbl A, Schörk E, Gschrey B, Kögel-Knabner I
Title: Distribution of soil organic matter between fractions and aggregate size classes in grazed semiarid steppe soil profiles
Source: Plant Soil 338, 63–81


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Source: Plant Biosystems 144 (3):537-546


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Abundance of Microbes Involved in Nitrogen Transformation in the Rhizosphere of Leucanthemopsis alpina (L.) Heywood Grown in Soils from Different Sites of the Damma Glacier Forefield
Source: Microbial Ecology 60 (4):762-770 2010


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Author(s): Yao Z, Wolf B, Chen W, Butterbach-Bahl K, Brüggemann N, Wiesmeier M, Dannenmann M, Blank B, Zheng X
Spatial variability of N2O, CH4 and CO2 fluxes within the Xilin River catchment of Inner Mongolia, China: a soil core study
Source: Plant Soil 331, 341–359